Religious Organisations

Digitisations of church organisations, allowing them to connect with members.

Fun Facts About Global Religions

+1.9 billion

muslims globally

More than 24.1% of the world’s population is Muslim, with an estimated total of approximately 1.9 billion

+2.6 billion

christians globally

Christianity is the largest religious group in the world, with an estimated 2.3 to 2.6 billion adherents in 2020

+1.2 billion

hindus globally

There are 1.2 billion Hindus worldwide (15% of world’s population)

Solutions for Churches

Digitise your Religious Organisation

Integrated Tools

Church Websites

Allow new new and existing members to connect with your organisations online

eCommerce for Churches

Explore eCommerce for churches which allows the church to sell items like books, merchandise etc


Stay connected with your members

SMS messaging

Stay connected with organisations members through SMS, easily alert members of upcoming events & announcements

Personalised SMS messaging

Send personalised SMS messages to your members and automate special day messages like birthday messages

Email communication

Send members update messages via email


Event management solution

Display events

Share your upcoming events with members allowing them to book attendance online

Online Event RSVP

Allow members to RSVP for events online with an easy to use solution.

Paid Events

Showcase paid events to your members allowing them to book and pay online

Digitise interactions with members

End-to-end solutions for religious organisations

Managed Solution

Solution without the complication

Fully Managed Church Solution

At Skylane we offer a fully managed solutions, meaning you gain all of the benefits without the complication in your religious organisation.

Leverage smart tools to enable growth

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