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Digitising telecoms industry

Fun Facts About Telecoms Industry

+8.5 billion

mobile subscriptions

There were more than 8.58 billion mobile subscriptions in use worldwide in 2022

+1.3 billion

smartphones sold

In 2022, smartphone vendors sold around 1.39 billion smartphones were sold worldwide

+3.3 trillion

market volume

The Smartphones market in South Africa is projected to grow by 2.05% (2024-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$3.3bn in 2028

Solutions for Telecoms Industry

Digitising telecoms industry

Telecoms Websites

Build your telecoms brand

Online Presence

Build online presence with a captivating online website for your telecoms brand

Brand positioning

Build your unique telecoms brand & engage with your customers digitally


Turn customer visits into sales

Product & Service Listings

Digitally sell physical & virtual telecoms products & services to your customers.

Order Tracking

Integrate with the world's biggest & best courier companies & allow your customers to digitally track their online orders

Subscription Billing

Collect Once-off & Recurring billing from your subscribers/customers

Payment Integration

Offer customers all major payment methods including debit/credit card payment, scan-to-pay, Instant EFT


Stay connected with customers

SMS messaging

Stay connected with your customers through SMS, easily alert customers of any and all notifications

Personalised SMS messaging

Send personalised SMS messages to your customers and automate special day messages like birthday messages

Email communication

Send customers updates via email & alert them about upcoming promotions


Build customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty Rewards

Build strong customer relationships leveraging rewards on your very own rewards program

Customer rewards based on specific events

Reward your customers with loyalty rewards based on spend or specific behaviour

BI & Analytics

Get to know your customers

Map customer journey

Leverage data to get to know your customers better, so you can better serve them

Understand customer behaviour

Build customer profiles with data collected from digital channels

Mine customer data

Use data to understand your customer needs

Digitise interactions with customers

End-to-end solutions for telecom brands

Managed Solution

Solution without the complication

Fully Managed Solution

At Skylane we offer a fully managed solutions, meaning you gain all of the benefits without the complication in your religious organisation.

Leverage smart tools to enable growth

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